Research Grants

Research grant

Role Funding/Grant Project Title Duration
Biomedical Engineering Research For Advanced Medical Treatment Using Nonclinical Study (非臨床評価の確立による先進医療実現の加速化に関する医工学的研究, in Japanese) 2013-2018
CI; Project management and coordination; Private company grant
average 6 M JPY/year
Development of a Human Measurement System, and its applications in Entertainment, Rehabilitation, and Surgery 2008-2013
CI, Project manager RoboCasa joint laboratory (from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
average 4 M JPY/ year
Italy-Japan joint laboratory for Research on Humanoid and Personal Robotics 2003-2013
CI JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) #24500616,
5.3 M JPY
The fusion of robot engineering and rehabilitation medicine - application of ultra-miniaturized motion sensors and biped walking humanoid robots to rehabilitation medicine (ロボット工学とリハ医学の融合ー超小型計測センサと歩行ロボットのリハ医学への応用, in Japanese) 2012-2015
CI Private company grant
average 5M JPY/year
"Embodied interface" for advanced intelligent car, (「Embodied Interface」を用いた知能化車両の操縦, in Japanese) 2012-2013
CI ASMeW Priority Research B #11
6.0 Myen
Development of Motion-capturing Sensor Module for Supporting Advanced Medical Treatment (高度治療支援を目的としたモーションセンシングモジュールの開発, in Japanese) 2007-2009 (complete)
PI ASMeW Priority Research C #11
3.0 M JPY
H2E: Analysis of Cortical Response Elicited by Human and Humanoid Emotions 2007-2009 (complete)
PI JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) #19700389
3.3 M JPY
着用型人間計測システムの開発と生理指標および動作の解析 2007-2009 (complete)
PI JSPS fellowship for foreign researchers
2.4 M JPY
Development of new artificial hand for humanoid robots 2003-2005 (complete)
PhD Student CYBERHAND project (IST/FET Project #IST-2001-35094, “Development of a CYBERnetic HAND prosthesis”),
about 300K EUR
Development of a new prosthetic hand controlled via EMG signals 2002-2003 (complete)
PI SSSA research grant for young researchers
about 3K EUR
Design and development of innovative components for sensorized prosthetic systems 2001-2003 (complete)
research associate (1999), PhD Student (2000-2003) INAIL Research Centre on Rehabilitation Engineering,
about 1M EUR
Design and development of innovative components for sensorized prosthetic systems 1999-2003 (complete)