This is by far one of the nicest advertisement for our new Loughborough University in London

Thanks Dave Gorman for sharing it with us.  

According to my colleagues in EESE Dave missed [Loo-ger-bur-ooga] (Australian pronunciation), but Dave himself clarifies that 

I didn't miss it - I didn't say it bc it's so well known a nickname.Nobody in the audience needed me to tell them it!"
For information, our English Department informs us that
There are 9 ways of pronouncing 'ough' in English. They are:
'uff' as in ROUGH
'ow' as in PLOUGH
'oo' as in THROUGH
'oh' as in THOUGH
'aw' as in THOUGHT
'uh' as in BOROUGH
'och' as in LOUGH
'up' as in HICCOUGH
OK the last one we're not sure about



[Update 2023-01-29]

The original youtube video is long gone, so I've uploaded this sketch to vimeo hoping it will last.
I just find it too hilarious to let it disappear.
Obviously I don't own the copyright to the sketch so it's password protected. Ask if you are curious.