So, in one of the most spectacular examples of political and economical harakiri of all times the UK is going ahead with Brexit despite no one actually knowing what sort of Brexit they are talking about. 

48% of the voters voted Remain; 52% voted Leave. But while the choice for Remain was clear and unanbiguous, Remain contains at least half a dozen of different options. Spot the problem.

As a non-UK citizen I cannot stop this madness, but at least I can keep track of its evolution.  This post will be updated from time to time so -hopefully! - one day I can look at it and I can remember all the "fun"  of these years. Enjoy!


1 Jan 2021

14 Dec 2020


10 Dec 2020

25 November 2019: Science fiction :-) 


29 August 2019


2019 May 21: Two more days until the election day, and I receive this at home.

5 Feb 2019

25 Nov 2018

8 May 2017, courtesy of Thomas Taylor on Twitter

23 June 2016 (source: wikipedia)

Interesting and somehow unexpected results, showing a tiny but significant majority for the Leave party. I cannot help wondering how many voted "leave" as a statement against Cameron, but this doesn't change the results. Mala tempora currunt!

source: lordashcroftpolls