Get ready for the fun! Protocol paper published!

The wonderful collaboration with Esther continues. Several years in the making, we can finally present a protocol for a study that aims to assess the impact of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) on surgeon well-being and performance:

Amirthanayagam A, Zecca M, Barber S, Singh B, Moss EL
Impact of minimally invasive surgery on surgeon health (ISSUE) study: protocol of a single-arm observational study conducted in the live surgery setting


We believe that MIS has many benefits for patients, but also poses challenges for surgeons. We want to measure various aspects of surgeon well-being and performance before and after MIS procedures. We also want to explore the factors that influence surgeon well-being and performance in MIS. 

We hope that our study will provide insights into how to improve surgeon training, education and support for MIS.